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This is the facial expression any guy guy likes seeing and wants to see.

And might I add that I consider this guy to be quite lucky as his girlfriend is certainly pretty. Ugly bastards like me are unlikely to land a hotty like that 😛

I am impressed by the girls featured on this site although I know they’re not all actually girlfriends. They do advertise, if I’m not mistaken, that the pics and vids are user submitted but they aren’t, not all of them that is. As to what percentage are legitimately girlfriends and what percentage are user submitted I don’t know but it’s not all that i9mportant.

That kind of thing used to piss me off as I thought it to be an insult for these guys to advertise that and basically insult my intelligence, that I wouldn’t be able to tell, but I later learnt that what the reality sites offer is a fantasy. They sell the fantasy of these being girlfriends, that all of the content is user submitted, it’s up to me to allow my own immersion.

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